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The 2013 Arthur H. Compton Award was presented jointly to David E. Moncton, John N. Galayda, Michael Borland, and Louis Emery on May 6, 2013. The award recognizes the recipients' visionary leadership and technical ingenuity in introducing "top-up" operation to the synchrotron radiation community. Top-up operation has substantially improved both the intensity and the quality of the x-ray beam for experiments. The method is now used in most third-generation light sources worldwide and is integral to the design of new sources.
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The inaugural Award for Excellence in Beamline Science at the Advanced Photon Source was awarded on May 6, 2013 to Jan Ilavsky, an X-ray Science Division beamline scientist working in partnership with ChemMatCARS, APS sector 15-ID. The award recognizes Ilavsky's work in creating the world-leading APS ultra-small-angle X-ray scattering (USAXS) facility for the exploration of materials-based phenomena in pure and applied science. Under his direction, USAXS has evolved from a "niche" technique to a mainstream capability enabling leading-edge research in static microstructure relationships as well as dynamics. Areas include nanoparticle formation, growth, aggregation, and stabilization; correlation of microstructure and properties in thermal barrier coatings, xerogels and aerogels, fuel cells, elastomeric materials and superalloys; and dynamics of particle interactions in previously inaccessible time and size ranges.
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APS Christopher M. Dettmar (Purdue University)
Second Harmonic Generation for Monitoring X-ray Damage (abstract)
CNM Daniel Hannah (Northwestern University)
Optical and Structural Properties of Si Nanoparticles at High Pressures (abstract)
EMC Wenpei Gao (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Imaging of Interfacial Oxygen Using Chromatic Aberration-corrected TEM (abstract)



APS Tadesse Abebaw Assefa (European XFEL)
Disentangling Simultaneous Photoreaction Channels with Combined Time-resolved X-ray Absorption and Emission Spectroscopies (poster A12)
Kyle McElhinny (University of Wisconsin)
Probing Large-wavevector Phonons in Two-dimensional Nanostructures Using X-ray Thermal Diffuse Scattering (poster A89)
Dongzhou Zhang (California Institute of Technology)
Fast-temperature-readout Spectrometer for Atomic Dynamics Measurements
(poster A43)
CNM Mark Huntington
Northwestern University
Nanomanufacturing for Plasmonic and Photonic Crystals (poster C14)
EMC Carlos Alverez (Northwestern University)
In Situ Studies of Nanocrystallization in Fluorozirconate Glasses (poster E1)
Poh Keong Ng (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Solid Anisotropic Etching on Si(001) by Oxidation on Self-assmbled Cu3Si Nanowires (poster E5)

Heartfelt thanks to all the judges who reviewed CVs and posters for the student awards!!


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